Sales Strategy and Growth

What is your plan to increase sales and what resources will you need to do this?


Proposition Modelling

Are you targeting the right people at the right time with the right message?


Sales Management & Mentoring

Is your sales staff being as effective as it possibly can be?


Sales Training/Coaching

Can your sales staff identify the critical success factors that will win or lose you business?


Sales Systems

Do you need CRM? What is the most appropriate system for your business?


Business Development

Need to research new markets and distribution channels, or new products and services?


Outsourced Sales

Would you benefit more from a part time sales executive than a full time sales junior?


Non-Executive Directorships

Are you looking for ongoing strategic advice or guidance at Board level?


1. Sales Strategy and Growth

What is your plan to increase sales and what resources will you need to do this? By conducting a sales audit of your sales department we will help you identify what differentiates you from your competitors, which customers you should focus on for profitable sales and whether you have the right people, pricing, systems and processes to achieve your aims.

2. Proposition Modelling/Marketing

Following on from defining your sales strategy we will then need to communicate it to staff, customers and prospects by developing a clear and compelling proposition as to why people should do business with you. Are you targeting the right people at the right time with the right message? What mutually rewarding partnerships and alliances can you easily foster?

3. Sales Management, Mentoring, Interim Sales Management

We can often be utilised to manage the whole sales process on a part-time or interim basis. This might include reviewing or auditing all sales processes within your organisation and the management of the current sales team. This is ideal when it does not make financial sense to have a full-time Sales Director, or you are awaiting a full-time Sales Director appointment, or where a Managing Director is no longer able to performance manage the sales function.

By taking over the performance of the sales team we are able to introduce KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to set performance measures and activity levels for sales staff and in this way develop, mentor and coach them to be more effective and independent. We can also implement effective sales processes and systems, and motivate and incentivise the sales function.

4. Sales Training/Coaching

Working from a basic premise coupled with personal experience that classroom learning has its limitations, and that “role-plays” are not “real-plays”, we take the training into the work environment, on the job, listening to direct sales calls, and attending sales appointments. The conclusion is that with the right sales process and tools and coaching all sales people will be able to sell more, sell at higher prices and sell more quickly.

By listening to your sales calls objectively we can pinpoint what is not happening and put it right. By accompanying your sales people to appointments we are able to assess the critical success factors that will win or lose that business. What is the key information your sales people should present and take away from these meetings, what is their ability to close “in the moment”, negotiate, and listen to both spoken and non-spoken buying signals? What pre-visit preparation do they perform, how could they do it better, how do they manage the meeting and the protagonists? Once they’ve left the meeting, how do they most effectively manage and progress their pipeline to closing business through effective and timely follow up?

We can also assess whether your sales people are in the right job, there is no training available if they don’t have the potential to sell, ever.

5. Sales Systems and Processes

For many organisations the sales function has developed by accident with workflow systems, sales processes, and sales tools lagging far behind. We can assess the need for automated sales tools such as CRM and advise on the most appropriate system for your business

By understanding what your sales team should be achieving we can measure their results, provide them with the necessary tools to be most effective, and identify key metrics. Sales targets exist to be met or exceeded, incentive systems are there to motivate so must be visible and understood. If your sales people are underperforming we will know immediately and can rectify.

6. Business Development

“Strategy is fine but we know what we need to do, we just need the right person to execute it”. Through understanding how executives make business decisions and the challenges they face we are able to be a solution provider rather than just a supplier, a business person rather than a salesman. Why sell from the “bottom up” when you can engage a prospect organisation from the “top down” by targeting a senior executive who can make a buying decision more easily?

We don’t do telemarketing but we do target specific short-listed companies that can increase profitable sales. This may be after successful business development has determined new channels, products and services, or customer segments. Extensive executive networks both in the UK and Europe and over 18 years solution sales experience mean that you are using the best.

We can research new markets and distribution channels, expansion plans into new regions, new products and services without interrupting the current sales focus and spreading the sales function too thinly. With analytical and academic research skills we can identify emerging markets and trends, foster relationships and affinities and latent business opportunities.

7. Outsourced Sales

For certain organisations it does not make sense to have full-time sales people but rather to use an independent shared-cost sales consultant with deeper knowledge of sales than a junior sales executive. In addition, the cost of managing full-time sales people can be prohibitive, and particularly managing them out of the business.

A flexible, pay-as-you-need consultant gives you all the benefits of results-based performance without the headache of under-performance. We can merge seamlessly into your organisation without external companies knowing we are not part of your company.

8. Non-Executive Directorships

Through non-executive directorships we can provide ongoing strategic advice and guidance at Director/Board level. This is particularly useful when seeking funding or exit.


We highly recommend Jefferson Sales. Not only have they been able to help our sales team re-focus on their pipelines and sales activity but also assist with business and sales strategy.
Managing Director, IT Services and Infrastructure Company.
Matt Jefferson has turned our sales force around to produce a 60% increase on the previous 2 years.
CEO, IT Sales Company
We have been delighted with Jefferson Sales’ input to our business and have retained them to interim manage our sales team part-time.
Managing Director, Commercial Security Company
Jefferson Sales were able to objectively review our sales processes, people, activity levels, and future roles to provide concrete recommendations to the management team.
Managing Director, Commercial Security Company
Matt Jefferson has assisted us in exploring new customer segments by researching the business areas, contacting key decision makers and getting our company in front of them.
Managing Director, Software Development Company
It was a pleasure working with Matt Jefferson, Jefferson Sales, he very quickly developed a good understanding of our business and gave valuable advice that has helped in many areas of our sales processes. I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt for Sales Management projects.
Director, Marketscan
Jefferson Sales effectively implemented sales process within our company division and interim managed our sales people to increase sales.
Operations Director, Highways Company
Matt Jefferson has been advising us on how to grow our business by implementing the right sales processes and KPIs and on how to manage our sales people most effectively. We have seen improvements in new business won year on year and now have the right plans in place to grow the business.
Director, International Mail
Matt is a good motivator and team player. I hired Matt to help us address a situation in which we needed to readjust to radically changed conditions in our target market and within our salesforce. Matt made a valuable contribution to the team and helped us turn a difficult situation around with excellent results in a short space of time.
Managing Director, Technology Company
Matt worked with our sales team and as a result the team showed a marked performance increase in a relatively short period of time. Matt’s approach was innovative and decisive. I recommend anyone having sales performance difficulties to give him a call.
Director, Software Company

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